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Jersey City Man Look For A Freak

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Sunday Evening Special.

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Top definition. Most jerseys are fun and crazy, and hot as hell and sometimes thick. Dam she is a real jersey! May 18 Word of the Day. Philosopher Stoned. When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked. X: I had this great highdea last night Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.

Jersey, Channel Islands. The American state of New Ukraine chat free derives its name from there as its founders were Jersey people. I mean the islandyou twat. Also, pretty much anything's legal as long as you don't get caught. Don't try and hi-jack a plane with boxcutters if there's anybody from Philosophy chat forum on board When out-of-staters think there's something wrong with you for living amongst such chaos, smile and say, "I feel ya.

Not everyone's tough enough to live in Jersey. I curse alot.

I say "yo". Don't worry about how I tawk. I never had school on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur.

I sure as hell don't pump my own gas. I know what real pizza tastes like, and I know that a bagel is more than a roll with a hole in the middle. And I don't go to the beach - I go down the shore. I judge people by what exit they are off the parkway. I know 65 mph really means When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger, and they expect it. Yeah, I'm from Jersey, have dirty talking mature all my life. I'm gonna give you everything about free sex chat batesford, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

New Jersey people are conceited. It's true. We hate everyone else. And we think we are better than everyone else.

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And we never stop talking about how great jersey is. Then we tell people to "shut the fuck up" when they tell us all we talk about is jersey. I just recently was in the south It's not my fault. It's cause I'm from jersey. My friends and I were the rudest, most obnoxious people there. Everyone just stared at us. Then we saw other rude peopleand I asked them where they were from. They said jersey. Why are Vibeline chat numbers Jersey people self centered? Because we have reason to be.

Next, some of the most famous people have come from our state. Just to name A FEW Not only do we have famous people, we rank in the top 10 of smartest states every year. And we smell?

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Yeah, we do. New Jersey smells like ASS. On the turnpike, between exits 14 and That's like, 5 percent of the entire state. BayonnePort Newark, and Secaucus. And the surrounding areas. That's it. The majority of the state smells like trees. Because the majority of the state is trees. In fact, three of New Jersey's cities rank in the countries top 10 least polluted cities. So shove it. New Jersey is ideal. I live 20 minutes away from New York City and 45 minutes away from the famous jersey shore, which by the way is amazing.

You think your beach is better? Fuck you. Lady chat house is 3 minutes to the nearest mall, 5 minutes to the next, and a 10 to the next. I just Counted 7 malls within a half free firsdown sex chat of my house. Find me another state that has all that to offer.

Yeah, we have accents. Who gives a shit? Gresham sex chat lines has an accent. And no, we don't say " Joisey. Don't worry. We have 24 hour diners. A million of them. We also have Hoboken which has some of the finest places to eat. And you have not had real Italian food until you come here.

And WE can't drive? YOU can't drive. In the south the speed limit s read: speed limit That's why you people can't drive.

Who has a minimum speed limit? New Jersey drivers like pissing other people off solely because of the reputation. This is what we will do Then, we'll cut you off Because we chat sex now laxton. And because when you go home you're gonna complain about us.

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We like it, it doesn't bother us…. We like fast things. Things move too slow in other states.

You can tell that someone's from Free chat channels Jersey by the way they walk. They walk really fast and have a strut that says " I'm better than you. Remember Hunka Bunka? DJais, and last but definitely not least Enough said.