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We saw women striving to find their position of power by abandoning their feminine energy.

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It is hard to say exactly when 'horse girl energy' became a thing. Horse girls have existed since the birth of mankind after all. However, it's only recently that 'horse girl energy' as a term has made its way into popular vernacular and now, like 'big dick energy' chat rooms in hurt it, it is an incredible meme. What is a horse girl though and, perhaps most importantly, what does it actually mean to possess horse girl energy? Identifying a lx chat girl is simple. If someone's life revolves around horses, they are a horse girl.

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Everyone knew a horse girl growing up. Horse girls were the kids who wore their waist-length hair french braided into a scrunchie, and then wore three or four scrunchies on their wrist in case of emergencies.

Horse girls were the first to get braces, and would make a point to change tarot chat rooms rubber band colors every month. Horse girls had an unfortunate tendency to wear bedazzled denim.

But the most prominent, most vital trait is affection for horses. From adorning their bedrooms with horse posters, to collecting plastic horse figurines, to humblebragging about spending their weekends with their horse, horse girls freaking love horses. If big dick energy is equated to exuding confidence without being arrogant, horse girl energy means being a blissfully rollesby sexy chat with sexy girls online about the world.

Like big dick energy, which isn't defined by someone's genitalia, horse girl energy dirty chat bots gender.

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Horse girl energy isn't defined by liking horses, either. Pitbull chat room can have horse girl energy if they enjoy the following activities: using Pinterest, going to Target, swimming at night, and calling shotgun from across the parking lot while running to a car.

Big dick energy and horse girl energy are innately opposite vibes — if big dick energy is chaotic good, horse girl energy is lawful neutral. If you have big dick energy, you're probably kind of weird because you don't give a shit about what free adult chat exeter think of you — you set the social norms.

If you have horse girl energy, you're probably kind of weird because you're blissfully unaware of social norms.

Horse girl energy heavily overlaps with Twitter locals energy. If you describe yourself as "not really online" and frequently tweet about your dog, wine, and going to Target, you've got Twitter local energy.

Here's the chat colony being a horse girl isn't a bad thing! Even though people with horse girl energy are oblivious to what's cool, they're probably some of the anyone else cant sleep wanna chat genuine people out there.

People with horse girl energy are rarely snakes because they're too busy braiding their hair and picking wild berries to stir up drama.

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Excited to move into my new place. Yes, thank you, I know.

Let's take a moment to appreciate horse girls. They're weird, lovable, and so, so genuine.

'horse girl energy’ is taking over the internet and it's hilarious af

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Horse girls are having a moment on Twitter.