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One fine October day on a beach in Galicia, I completed the most challenging and meth chat experience of my life. A year later, I strapped on my backpack againspending nearly three weeks walking from Porto in northern Portugal to Santiago, and then a loop to Finisterre, Muxia, and back.

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A few years ago, I wrote this blog post on determining gender of a pregnancy. I wrote it after having been asked the same question 10 times in the same chat acenue, and of course, repeating the same answer.

The same question comes up often. Very often.

How can i have a girl? or maybe, how can i have a boy?

There are lots of reasons, a family that has children of one gender, may hope for of the opposite gender. A woman that has always relied on her sister, may really want a sister for her daughter. A woman who grew up with an amazing older brother may really want her firstborn to be phone fun date chat sex manchester boy. Whatever the reason, patients ask this all the time.

There is so much information on the web about this topic, much of it inaccurate, I decided to review the latest evidence on the subject to see if there is anything new. Some background: the gender of a pregnancy depends on whether an egg is fertilized with a sperm carrying lets have a chat X female or a Y male chromosome. Given the HUGE importance of gender balance in the stability of a population, it makes evolutionary sense that techniques within reach of the average person really have no bearing on the gender of a pregnancy.

Attempts to control the process, however, have been discussed and taught as far back as ancient Greece, and probably a lot longer.

There are a variety of diets out there, for both men and women, promising higher rates of girl or boy pregnancies. Things like increasing calcium or magnesium helps you to have a girl or sodium and potassium for a boy are a few examples. Sexy chat with bailey more calories to conceive a boy vs less calories to feed a girl are other examples.

None of these suggestions have bicurious women chat well studied. You may read something about the female partner having or not having an orgasm to influence gender. There are even two named methods: the Whelan method and the Shettles technique.

They both teach that having sex days before ovulation is more likely to result in a female fetus but they disagree on timing for increasing the chance dating chat community a male fetus. Though very interesting, studies that have tried to correlate timed intercourse with gender outcome do not show any consistent trend—and there are many. The Shettles method also includes advice on sexual position.

Arguing the lower part of the vagina nearer the labia is more acidic, the method advises chatting you penetration and orgasm to increase the chance of a male fetus. There has been no studies or data to suggest any sexual position affects gender ratios.

There are various sperm separation techniques offered to patients to use pre-IUI. You can read just a few of these talk to strangets here or here or here or here or here.

For couples undergoing IVF treatment In Vitro Fertilizationthere is an option to have preimplantation genetic screening PGS performed before transferring an embryo back to the uterus. This is a cell free phone chat gulfport, after fertilization of the eggs by sperm, which tells you the chromosomal make-up of the embryo.

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Along with gender, this technique swingers chat line bright rule out other chromosomal issues in the embryo. There are also certain genetic conditions a couple can only pass to of a specific gender and PGS helps solve this issue by selecting the gender that could not possibly be affected.

However, that is not the most common reason gender selection is being done. Depending on the clinic, this may or may not delay transfer of the fetus back to the uterus to the next cycle.

As you can imagine, at this level of technologic intervention, you can choose the gender of your pregnancy accurately. Camran Nezhat.

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